Director Thrilled With “Earth Song” Presentation at 52nd Annual Grammy Awards

February 1, 2010

Bruce Jones, Director of the three short films for “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” tour, said the 2010 GRAMMY presentation of the 3-D film “Earth Song” provides a fantastic forum to share a message that was critically important to Michael.

“Michael saw the tour as a unique opportunity to communicate the need for each of us to take a personal responsibility about the future health of our planet, and that we needed to begin immediately before it was too late. He was deeply committed to this issue and he viewed this as an opportunity to bring his message to a wider audience. The 3-D “Earth Song” film was to help him achieve this goal using compelling visuals,” said Jones.

According to Jones, Michael cared so deeply about this issue that he was involved in all aspects of the creative process during the making of “Earth Song”. “He was extremely pleased with the film on the last night I presented it to him and felt the 3-D effects would leave a lasting impression on his audience.”

“I am humbled to have been involved in this project with Michael. The film, though modified to accommodate live performances at this year’s Grammy Awards, maintains the essence of the vision that Michael, Kenny Ortega, Robb Wagner and I worked so meticulously to bring to life.”

Jones also directed a new 3-D film for “Thriller” and a black and white intro for “Smooth Criminal”, both of which were highly acclaimed after their partial release in the “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” movie in October 2009.

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