On Smooth Criminal

It’s a pastiche that pulls together live footage and pieces of a marvelous black-and-white homage to Hollywood that was to be played against “Smooth Criminal” in the show—the Rita Hayworth of “Gilda” tossing Michael her glove, Humphrey Bogart scowling at him or firing a tommy gun.

Wall Street Journal – October 2009

The 3-D video sequence for ‘Smooth Criminal,’ is nothing short of spectacular. If you think the original couldn’t get any better – then this film is for you.

Pop Media Examiner – November 2009

I’m still reveling in the “Smooth Criminal” number, in which flawless black and white filming of a 40’s-costumed Jackson puts him into the noir dynamic of a plot with Humphrey Bogart, Rita Hayworth and Edward G. Robinson. Fabulous.

Cinema Signals – November 2009

On Thriller

“Thriller” gets an update that takes the legendary video’s graveyard scene into the Tim Burton era.

Los Angeles Times – October 2009

On Earth Song

‘Earth Song’ features a beautiful setting with a little girl, ‘Earth Girl’ who is wandering in the forest after a butterfly. She falls asleep to
find her atmosphere completely changed to fire and ruin by a large bulldozer. It is extremely powerful imagery – something that will
stay in the minds of all that watch.

Pop Media Examiner – November 2009

General Comments on Michael Jackson’s “This is It”

The special effects and short films made for the O2 shows also delight.

Los Angeles Times – October 2009

On Drag Me to Hell

He brought a great can-do approach to the film. He felt that any visual effects shot we talked about, he could pull off — even if he didn’t know how to do it at first. He’s got a great team of artists and technicians with him, and he’s got great instincts.

Director Sam Raimi, Post – July 2009

Some of the absurdly funny visual gags include creative uses for office supplies, a talking goat, a persistent fly and an unsuspecting kitty.) The physical comedy is cartoony, but in a clever, classic way, and it never detracts from the genuine suspense.

Associated Press – May 2009

And speaking of CGI, Raimi has fashioned a movie that looks both state-of-the-art and self-consciously retrograde

Dallas Morning News – June 2009

But speaking as a moviegoer and not as a critic, I’m obliged to confess that, when the first image of the demon flashed onscreen, I got a jolt to my nervous system that was more than a seismic shiver — it felt exactly like a deep electric shock. – May 2009

Consider yourself forewarned: Projectile nosebleeds, stapled eyeballs and rivers of green and yellow phlegm flowing forth from unsavory places are just some of the grisly pleasures to be found in Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror film “Drag Me to Hell.” – May 2009

“The slickest parts of ‘This Is It’ are the filmed sequences that were intended to be part of the stage show…”

MSNBC – November 2009

“…it looks like it would’ve been a helluva show, complete with eco-consciousness-raising, an onstage bulldozer and 3-D ‘Thriller’ footage, newly created to dazzle audiences…”

Chicago Tribune – November 2009

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